Our production services are one of the most comprehensive in-house production resources in NZ. Keeping services in house ensures quality standards are meet as well as delivering time and cost efficiencies. We have a range of automation tools that save time on simple tasks, automating the approvals processes through to publishing.

We provide clients the best result – faster, more cost effectively and to a higher level of quality.


  • Studio
  • Audio
  • Motion graphics
  • .99 Films
  • Photography
  • 3D modelling / retouching
  • Print production
  • Automation

.99 Films

Through .99 Films, we manage, direct, shoot, produce cost competitive video content and TVC’s across all budget levels. Whether we work with our internal expert team or partner with some of the best videographers, predators (producer/editor/director) and directors from New Zealand our agnostic approach delivers great films saving money, time and headaches!

.99 Motion Graphics and Audio

Our motion graphics department is a complete animation and post production facility using industry-standard software for editing, visual effects and 3D animation. Media can also be encoded and electronically despatched direct to stations from all of our suites. Our in-house audio suite also enables us to efficiently and cost effectively record and master audio.

.99 Photography

With experienced photographers, stylists and a warehouse manager to handle product samples, we can provide a high-end studio, on location service or large volume product photography.


.99 Print Production

.99 Print Production includes our highly skilled Artwork Studio, a first class team of retouchers and colour specialists to our Print producers responsible for trafficking, procurement, digital proofing and quality control.