Hello, we’re .99

We opened our doors at .99 in 2003 and grew quickly to become New Zealand’s leading retail specialist advertising agency. We’re now a team of 120, and provide creative ideas and production services to more than 15 of New Zealand’s top retail brands.

We’ve achieved our success through being a very different sort of agency. We build our teams around our client’s business needs. Our mantra is to make cash registers ring, not winning flashy international awards, and that gives us a unique take on what clients need and what is effective creative work.

Our place in the world

We are part of the Clemenger Group, Australasia’s largest marketing and communications company. In Australia the group is made up of whopping 43 companies. In New Zealand the group has 12 companies with over 500 staff, each specialists in their own areas. Clemenger itself is majority-owned by BBDO Worldwide, a network with 290 offices in 77 countries and over 17,200 employees, which in turn is owned by Omnicom.

It all sounds rather daunting, but for our clients it means one mighty large resource of brains we can call on if we need to.

Graduate Programme

If you’re passionate, creative and driven to make your mark in the world of marketing communications, then we’d love to hear from you for our annual Graduate Programme.

Interested? Here’s more about it: